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About us -

Our MISSION is to empower and equip teen girls by building self-esteem and positive self-image through interactive programs, one on one communication and networking through the SG4L website -

The GOALS of the SISTERGIRLS 4 LIFE (SG4L) program are:

To encourage girls to work towards developing an "ATTITUDE of EXCELLENCE" through interactive programs and communication, to give and expect the best of themselves and others, to learn valuable life skills.

Expectations of an "ATTITUDE of EXCELLENCE" requires the girls to be consistent, honest, through, kind, patient, and considerate of themselves and those around them.  The purpose is to have the girls see themselves as up and coming stars that shine bright everyday, standing out in the crowd.  Participants are encourage to be faithful, willing, alert, full of grace, a visionary and understand that EXCELLENCE IS NOT PERFECTION.

Personal growth workshops, walking tours, camps. trips and various activities will empower and assist girls to be their own individual best self.  Our activities and programs will spread awareness and explore the issues and challenges that young girls encounter in today's complex world.

Teen girls
Certified and professional individuals

Appropriate interactions and friendships among team members are expected at all times.  The website provides opportunities and encouragement to build on our overall goals.

SG4L was created to provide an enjoyable learning alternative on professional development days, statutory holidays, school breaks and designated weekends.

We are located in Malton, Mississauga.

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